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You might be interested in the Financial Section on this site. Banks, like Building Societies, often have a restricted range of services - and are notoriously conservative when investing your money. This usually results in very low rates of return. Our financial section covers other Financial Institutions, Mortgages, Investment Consultants, Credit & Finance Companies - and Crowd Funding!

Also see below for all the Building Societies around Your Postcode with their contact details. Just click through to go to a map, street views, reviews and a link to their own websites.


TSB Bank

7 Buttermarket St, Warrington WA1 2LY, UK – 01925 653565

Always friendly and rarely have to wait to speak to someone at the counter

Small but good service!

Building Societies

Skipton Building Society - Warrington

17-19 Bridge Rd, Warrington WA1 2EX, UK – 01925 573341

Local Chambers of Commerce for WA4 4AB. These can be an extraordinarily effective way of getting into the business community and / or getting things done. Equally they can be entirely useless depending on the chair. If they have networking events associated with them definitely go, and keep going, if you have a business that need local support. What you put in is exactly what you get out. Below is the national site. Watch this slot - it might improve!
Town Hall

Sankey Way, Warrington WA1 1UH, UK

Great looking building and gardens but who knows what lies behind the big door...

Drove past this beautiful building and had to stop to snap a quick pic.

This link works well. If you have fly tipping, litter issues etc you can either click and enter your local authority or find it on an interactive map. The services just drop down for you.
Find the local council, MP and MEP for WA4. Type your postcode into relevant box and find details for your local councillor, MP and MEP. MPs can be extremely useful if you want a local issue aired or fixed. Get an appointment for a surgery meeting if you want to talk directly to your MP.

Councils have also become increasingly useful, business focused and lean. If you want something done think about contacting your local council or contacting your local representative. Click below to get the contact details of your representatives for the Daresbury area
Find local dentists and dental practices around Daresbury and WA4 4AB with location maps and contact details. The link below takes you to a vastly improved NHS site which tells you what you need to know! This includes whether they take NHS patients and lots of other useful information. You can also find out whether they do orthodontic dentistry and other complex work.

Well worth a click.

Dental Surgeries

Museum Street Dental Surgery

13 Museum St, Warrington WA1 1JA, UK – 01925 634945

If in any doubt and you have the ability go to this dentist just do so. Very professional and very knowledgeable From the reception desk, to the notifications to the treatment. From one end to the other these people know their stuff!

Grappenhall Dental Practice

148 Knutsford Rd, Warrington WA4 2PW, UK – 01925 210977

Having been a patient at this dental surgery for nearly 3 years now, I must say, without fear of contradiction, "they are the best" I personally am under Dr. Elgan Rees, a very competent and professional dental surgeon, that I am more than pleased with the way he has cared for my teeth and the advice that has been given to me. I would personally recommend this surgery to anyone that wants the very best for their teeth at a competitive price.

I was very impressed. Andrew Brown was very careful with what he did. I think I will using him for a long time

Sankey Street Dental Practice

61a,, Sankey St, Warrington WA1 1SL, UK – 01925 631451

Had two wisdom teeth took out never felt a thing fantastic dentits would recommend

This dental practice is the best I have ever been too. As someone who HAD a fear of dentists before going here, I no longer have this fear. The staff are ALL friendly and helpful. Nothing is too much for them.

Spire Cheshire Doctors Surgery

Spire Cheshire Hospital, Fir Tree Close, Stretton, Warrington WA4 4LU, UK – 01925 215087

Appleton Health Centre

45 Dudlow Green Rd, Appleton, Warrington WA4 5EQ, UK – 01925 599136

Dr N Aggarwal

16 Legh St, Warrington WA1 1UG, UK – 01925 843880

NHS Direct is now NHS 24. Just dial 111 to speak to a professional or click the link below for there self help website. Lots of really useful info but keep clear of heart surgery! If in doubt ask your GP or call 111. Good luck.

British Gas - Breakdown & Repairs 0845 9 60 50 40

Fire - Ambulance - Police 999

Spire Cheshire Hospital

Fir Tree Cl, Warrington WA4 4LU, UK – 01925 265000

I had a full hip replacement here 3 weeks ago I'm 27 so was quite nervous having never spoke to anyone who has had one but automatically felt fine soon as I entered here they look after you so well there amazing I had mine done at half 9 in the morning so was in bed all that day and night and all the next day the physio came at 4 that day ( which is the only thing I was a bit annoyed about thought it should of been a bit earlier) and I couldn't stand up without feeling dizzy from the morphine so they put me straight back in bed so I was in it again all night till about 5 so that's a long time I was in so much pain I think just from being lay down for so long I had a really bad night that night and there was one nurse in particular who was amazing she got me out of bed at 5 in the morning and you could tell that it wasn't procedure but she still did it anyway got me up and about into a chair and helped me sit up sat with me and calmed me down and held a flannel on my head I want to thank her she literally helped me so much and I slept all night till 9 with no problem just from getting up into the chair helped me so much so thank you the next day I smashed physio and they let me go home that same day so didn't manage to say thank you to her really really good place.

Not the best photo. The hospital was easy to find with a sat nav. The reception staff were very friendly. Hospital carpeted and very clean. Vending machines are great and the Dr we saw was great.

Local hospitals - community hospitals and hospitals with A&E departments for WA4 4AB.

The new NHS website below is very well worth a look. Hospitals are not only listed but evaluated. I certainly know which ones I would go to! At the very least you will know what questions to ask if you are sent to one which has not entered its data. Good luck!
Find the local Health Trust for WA4 4AB
This Parliamentary website will find MPs - just type in your postcode. It also gives details of how to contact your MP

Find Local Churches & Places of Worship

Latchford Baptist Church

158 Loushers Ln, Warrington WA4 2RH, UK – 01925 354545

Soon to be renamed as The Bridge Baptist Church, a great church always open to all who will be recieved in freindship and welcome to join in our services or other things that go on in the week.

Latchford Methodist Church

6 Thelwall Ln, Warrington WA4 1LH, UK – 01925 416780

A warm Christian welcome is given to everyone.

Hope Church

Thewlis Street (Old Liverpool Road), Warrington WA5 1AJ, UK – 0151 422 9483

A friendly and amazing church made so many friends and Made to feel so welcome and part of God's family

An amazing place to be very friendly and welcoming amazing praise and worship and preaching is very good it's a very warm welcoming atmosphere people are so nice and love on you

Your local Christian churches. Click on your town/village to find churches in your area. Good and media savvy churches will give you a real feel for what sort of service to expect.
This is a brilliant site. Click to see virtually everything you are likely to need to know about the Police and crime statistics around Daresbury. You can often even see a photo of your local policeman!

Crimestoppers - Call 0800 555111 or 101 for non emergency

Find Recycling Centres

Podmores Metal Merchants

Orchard Stree, Warrington WA1 2TE, UK – 01925 632068

Firstly, the scales aren't rigged, they're tested yearly by trading standards and the manufacturer, secondly, if you got paid £13 for 100kg of steel at 25p per kilo you would have got £25, EMR don't pay £250 per ton for steel, I think you mean £25 per ton, in which case you would have got £2.50 so you were overpaid, thirdly, prices do fluctuate in the market.

Daniels Recycling

Centre Park, Slutchers Lane, Warrington WA1 1QL, UK – 01925 652257

ADS Recycling Ltd

Slutchers Lane, Warrington WA1 1QL, UK – 0800 975 8013

Give and get free stuff. Here you will find lots of items that people are willing to give away, for FREE! This is instead of taking them to a local landfill site. The aim of this site is to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill (20.9 million tonnes of it last year in the UK) and recycling is great news for the environment.
We all know that we need to recycle more - and this is a great way of doing it.
You may prefer to go through to our Eating Out page which has a complete range of places you can go from the most economical to the most lavish.  Please CLICK HERE!

You will also find Take Aways and Pubs in this section. Enjoy!

Local Restaurants & Places to Eat around Daresbury

Ask Italian

12-14 Old Town Hall, Old Market Place, Warrington WA1 1QB, UK – 01925 382626

Black burnt pizza should not have been served, problem was rectified after complaint, however this meant we had to eat separately. Drinks are ridiculously expensive, £2.50 for still water. I like it here but the group only enjoyed their desserts and not mains.. that's not a good sign.

Ive been returning to Ask Italian for many years, and as to date, is one of my favourite Italians in Warrington. Would definitely recommend the Calzone pizza as it is full of flavour. The staff are really lovely, however slightly slow on service, but I blame this on the busyness of the restaurant, as I usually visit at peak time.

Pizza Express

3 Victoria Buildings, Grappenhall Rd, Stockton Heath, Warrington, Cheshire WA4 2AG, UK – 01925 860865

Unfortunately they were unable to provide Romaine or “cos” lettuce with the ceasar salad I wanted to order and let’s face it... it wouldn’t be a ceasar salad with the offered replacement of mixed leaves now would it. Having worked in hospitality for 10 years I would always make sure that we could provide our guests with whatever we were offering on our menu, even if that meant checking local supermarkets for produce that we may have ran out of before service started. The “bolognese” rigatoni was extremely over cooked to a point where half of it was cremated so was inedible. I understand it’s a Pizza express and although my partners pizza was luke warm, the rest of the table were very happy with their orders. Being on a special diet my choices are limited and unfortunately I did not enjoy my meal on this occasion.

Absolutely top service and great food

Ego Mediterranean Restaurant & Bar, Stockton Heath

25 Walton Rd, Warrington WA4 6NJ, UK – 01925 602606

First time we've been here. We were a party of nine for a retirement. Food was excellent both in presentation and taste. Drinks a little more expensive than the norm but not overly so. Bar staff excellent as were the serving staff. The premises are well laid out and have good decor too. A good choice menu and equally good bar choice. Experience shines at this place and the team were excellent from when we arrived to when we left. Would love to visit again. If there was a way of awarding more stars, I would in a heartbeat. Well done ego.

Lovely decor. Excellent customer service. I wouldn't recommend the nut roast as it had little flavour but that might be because I have had some delicious ones in the past. When the team noticed I hadn't eaten any of my meal I was offered another which was appreciated but declined. Every course that our party was served was beautifully presented. I live in Nantwich but would come again and perhaps have a cocktail too.

Nursery and Preschools

Grappenhall Pre-School

21 Bellhouse Ln, Warrington WA4 2SG, UK – 07809 584752

caring and intelligent teaching

Stretton Day Nursery

A49, Stretton, Warrington WA4 4, UK – 01925 730277

Primary and Secondary Schools

Appleton Thorn Primary School

Arley Rd, Appleton, Warrington WA4 4RW, UK – 01925 266764

My primary school

I am an x student at this school who hated evry moment I spent in there unrolled I left. After I left I realised that compared to other schools it is exseptional it is.ever sinse it opened is has got ouststanding from ofstead I would highly sujest sending you're child there and if you do send you're child there tell Mr burgas jack Wilde says I am sorry

Cardinal Newman Catholic High School

Bridgewater Avenue, Latchford, Warrington WA4 1RX, UK – 01925 635556

absolutely brilliant, loved every minute xxxxxxx we love u Mrs Hatton!! excellent head of year Pay rise for Mrs Hatton and Mrs Moore, also MRS WHITFIELD

Evelyn Street Primary School

Evelyn Street Primary School, Warrington WA5 1BD, UK – 01925 495567

Exellent school

Public & Preparatory Schools

Grappenhall Pre-School

21 Bellhouse Ln, Warrington WA4 2SG, UK – 07809 584752

caring and intelligent teaching

See all sorts of shops near you.
Local social service agencies for WA4 4AB with contact details and location maps

Gas Transco

0800 111999

British Gas Breakdown & Repairs

0845 9 60 50 40
Local electricity supply companies for WA4 4AB with contact details and location maps
Local gas supply companies for WA4 4AB, including bottled gas, with contact details and location maps
Local water supply and treatment companies for WA4 4AB with contact details and location maps